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chinese day of love 2005


girl on tv news giving tips on how to make the most out of your motel love-fest on this year's Chinese Valentine's Day
tips such as:
1. a gadget that can vouch for the absence/ presence of surveillance equipment in the room
2. don't forget to check the expiration date of the free rubbers in the room

those were the only ones i caught. damn. a pity huh? i wanted to hear more .. ahem.. nuggets of wisdom from the tv news.


p.s. i'm still on summer break as you all know. i'm home, not living in school where there's fast interenet.
it took two nights to successfully upload this podcast. the first night the upload kept timing out. second night, it timed out thrice but it worked the fourth try. took 30 minutes (the successful fourth attempt) to upload this podcast. bloody dial-up.


Sept. 17, 2007 update:

my free podcast host Rizzn.net has ceased to exist since 2005, and I lost the

original files, so the audio podcast file in this post is forever gone, i guess.

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YEA! Are you back for good now?!
Good to hear you're so completely on summer break that you can't do a quick podcast - Happy Chinese Valentines Day Gem - your podcast continues to entertain :)
Thanks for a quick podcast, I look forward to you returning with more. I found the really quick edits to be funny, creative way to get around file size.
HAHA! Funny ass podcast! Our news is always about war or negative news...maybe that's only because of the war in Iraq but anyways it was very interesting and now I will do some looking up about devices that let you know about video cameras in motels haha. Can't wait till ya get back to school for more podcasts! TTYL

今天七月七號! Happy chinese valentines to you.
As always, a great podcast, Gem. If your short on lovers next valentines, look me up. :)

Whenever you have problems uploading podcasts via dialup, sometimes it's easier to email it in. The best client to use to email podcasts I've found is Mozilla's Thunderbird.

XD That's some funny shtuff. If that was broadcast here in the states, lawyers would have a field day. Of course, eventually people would forget it ever happened; they're really fickle out here. >_>
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