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click to read introduction to this post i know how my numerous fans (cough cough cough cough) sometimes have a hard time remembering my site URL because it's really long and it doesn't make sense. well i can't do anything since i'm just using my free school website space for students thing. my site name is complicated and hard to remember, and people have to search for "misadventures in taiwan" on google if they wanna look for me since who the hell can remember my super long blog name.

well fear no more! because of cjb's free website name redirector i now have a shorter, easier-to-remember name.

from today on (until cjb stops offering this free service), you can tell your friends, family, cyber lovers, milkmen, postmen, and pets that they can access my blog & podcast via misadventuresintaiwan.cjb.net. it'll redirect you to my real blog (with the addition of a teeny little advertisement bar at the top).
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