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bye! (summer 2005)


bye, bye for the summer!

this is the best photo of myself i can find under the circumstances. the circumstances being it's past midnight, i still have to shower and sleep because i have a long trip going home tomorrow. i couldn't find a more decent photo in my "photos" folder so i just uploaded this one to flickr just now.
click to read answers to some anticipated questions about this photo
anticipated questions:
1. why is your hair so short?

answer: it's that short because i had it cut when i went on a trip to Taipei in May to watch the Taipei Int'l Animation Festival. i had a podcast and blog posts with photos about this in my archives, scour for it if you want.
i thought since i'm spending the money already i might as well get the most out of my NT$ so yeah.
this photo was taken very soon after that.

2. why is your hair all standing? what hair products do you use? (i get this a lot)

answer: i don't know. after a little over a month, my hair has grown already, but the top part still stands like that. the top part has grown also, so you can imagine what it looks like standing. it looks like grass. i don't use any gel or anything. i don't know why this happens.
maybe it's a result of using too many hair products in my undergraduate years.

3. why do you have such a lame expression on your face?

answer: because this was a self portrait and my digital camera doesn't have a swiveling LCD, which means i can't look at myself while i take the photo. so it's hard to position myself.

i ended up using the self-timer delay function. i positioned everything right first, then set a 2 second delay, and ran to sit down. i found that 2 seconds was too fast so i set it to 10 seconds. my camera (Canon A520, biyatch!) only has 2-secs and 10-secs settings for its self-timer thing so i set it to 10 seconds the second time.

10 seconds was a bit too long because i started fidgeting and losing patience very fast. at that time i think i was in the middle of switching to another "face" when the camera snapped my photo.

anyway out of that batch of maybe 10 photos this was the most decent, none blurred, none stupid looking one. so there.
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Thumbs up for the haircut I like it!
Hey Gem. I'm a new subscriber to your podcast through iTunes. I've enjoyed your podcasts. I just started getting my own podcast rolling. I didn't even have a blog before last week. I think I finally have things set up right thanks partially to you. I used your blog and podcast as a model to get my podcast up and running. I hope you have a good summer off, and greetings from Oklahoma!
Are you stoned in this picture?

I think you should have covered this in your FAQ. Because it looks like you are stoned
bwahahaha.. who the hell are you, anonymous? a narc? hahaha.
Gem 你好. Just another blogger/podcast listener. I was in Taiwan last month。 Keep on podcasting!
Hi Gem, I found your blog/podcast searching for the "Garbage Truck" song. Thank you very much for your podcasts from "the mountains of Tainan province". I like them very much. Keep up the good work!

A note to "anonymous": You ain't never seen a stoner for real, did ya?
Gem is not a stoner... She just has her mind on her money and her money on her mind... and maybe she had a couple sips of Gin and Juice?
Just kidding Gem :-)
"Gem is not a stoner..." this is what I meant. My english is not so good. 我的國語也不好... 很不好:(... :P
Hey/Hello from Phoenix--Loved your Podcast-You speak very fast--Ya really need to pay attention to keep up! Very charming though :-)
Alot of pops on mike (2nd cast-maybe too close?) Would love to hear about Taiwan--do you know any Americans there? Do woman from Taiwan like American men? haha--Keep up the great casts--Wish to hear much more!
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