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thank you statistical abnormalities

click to read thank yous hello! i'd like to thank all of you (winston, bob, chris and aaron) for writing to me. chris *cutely* informed me that he was one of the "statistical abnormalities" [that i whined about yesterday] brought about by the new iTunes version suddenly supporting podcasting who stumbled upon me exactly by way of that. (what a long and winding sentence. remember to breathe.)

heheh.. anyway i'm really glad that people enjoy my podcast in spite of its many flaws. sadly i'm going back home for summer vacation to where there's no broadband internet so no podcasts for a month. i hope you guys don't forget me/unsusbscribe. ^^ i'll be back for sure.

also, i'd like to point you guys towards bob's website-- in his words, it's a completely non-commercial no-ads website called Hong Kong Movie database--a site both in English and Chinese. go check it out for movie info.
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