[Misadventures in Taiwan]



my trip to taipei

note (june 2, 2005-- 10:09 pm):
this is supposed to be the link to the mp3, but rizzn.net is screwing up again for some reason (at least on my end). when i try to right click and save as, it wouldn't work. i don't want to inconvenience people again so i uploaded the file to my school website storage first. so sorry if the file name and the id3 tags are different and stuff.

when the link works (maybe tomorrow or the day after. this happens sometimes with rizzn.net) i'll change the link (because my school website storage is limited and if i put my podcast files there i won't have enough web space any more).

------- update june 3, 2005 4:23a.m.
i re-uploaded the file to blipmedia and after a couple more tries the link works now. i've changed the link to my free podcast hosting link and deleted the file i temporary hosted on my school website storage thing.

click here to see photos of stuff mentioned in today's podcast

7-11 at the train station:
7-11 at train station 2 7-11 at train station 3

some graffiti at 西門丁:
graffiti at 西門丁

more taipei graffiti photos: 1, 2, 3, 4

tickets to this:

TIAF movie ticket

old men checking out young girls at 西門丁 (Xi Men Ting):
old men at xi men ting

old men at xi men ting old men at xi men ting


also, thanks to noah of ugly expat.com for signing my guestbook. and yes, i know what "wigga" means. heheh.. thanks for taking the time to write a definition though.

speaking of which, "USA Wigga Bitch" has struck again! new comment on this photo of graffiti i shot in Taipei.


Sept. 17, 2007 update:

my free podcast host Rizzn.net has ceased to exist since 2005, and I lost the

original files, so the audio podcast file in this post is forever gone, i guess.

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