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my experimental film

this is my end of term project for school. i did a short flash video of the song Experimental Film by They Might be Giants. yes i'm aware there's already a video of this made by the people who made Homestar Runner. anyway mine is lamer, i'm sure. it's the first animation i did all by myself from start to finish, and i still have a lot to learn.

click to download

it's a .swf file, and you'll need the Flash Player to view it.
comments welcome (although i might not be able to reply right away).

feel free to give this away to your friends (or enemies! scare them with the sheer crappiness of this video!). although i do realize the song is copyrighted and all so i guess distribute it at your own discretion.

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Comments (留言€):
Enjoyed that video very much. Very catchy tune used with it ^_^
Loved the short film and the song. It was nice to see part of the lyrics in the short film. Great job!
thanks so much, chris and hyper_rev!
GEM, I really liked your film. I'm mostly bored with most stuff I find on the internet, but I found myself interested while watching this. There's a lot going on, and I caught more of it when I watched it again. I especially liked the skyscraper scenes - the panning down from top of the building in the 1st one, and the use of the ladder to climb up the building and then up to the sun or moon or whatever that was in the 2nd one. I like your podcast, too - the way you just say what's on your mind and the way you say it. If all this is lame, then I like lame. I'm in California by the way.

thanks so much for your encouraging words, Juster. =)
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