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Labeling Your MDs

MD Label FAQ- Link of the day

minidisc disc with label
(photo from minidisc.org)

oh, and if any of you have photos of your minidisc recorders, players, blank discs, etc.. put them up on flickr, join the "minidisc" flickr group and add your photos to the pool!

neatly label your minidiscs! personalize them as you did your cassettes!
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i used to do this way back in 2001, when i first got into md. i was in college then, and had nothing to do. actually i had lots of stuff i had to do but of course making mix tapes and mix MDs were my top priority.

after my player broke the year after i left the md world.

now that i'm back in the md world again i don't do this anymore. i just write the titles in pencil on the labels. and i end up just using a maximum of 5 discs at a time right now, changing the content every couple of weeks.

my music listening habits now are much like an mp3 player owner's listening habits. no permanence.
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