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iTunes 4.9 and podcasts

by now, everyone is already aware of iTunes 4.9 and its integrated podcast support; and ITMS and its integrated podcast directory. it's been talked about for months so it's impossible for you guys to not know about it.

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here's a guide to version 4.9 for those who need it:
complete guide to iTunes 4.9, with podcasts.

------>via Download Squad]

now that it's here, how does it affect me, as a podcaster?

well, firstly, my podcast feed circulation stats are all skewed now. i suddenly, miraculously have over 200+ listeners who got to me via iTunes 4.9. i'm not complaining, definitely not, except i highly doubt these people/ downloaders actually even listened to me. they probably just clicked "subscribe" to experiment. well i guess i'm complaining because i hate to see inflated numbers in my statistics that don't mean anything.

my podcast listed in ITMS podcast directory
(click photo for a larger view)

heheh.. as you can see from the screenshot above, i'm listed in iTunes's podcast directory's International->Chinese category.

as of this writing, there are four podcasts listed in that category. there's me (i'm [misadventures in taiwan]! heheh..), and then there's john (ongline podcast), and two other people i don't know.

to start with, i don't even podcast in Chinese! heheh.. my podcast is in English, although i podcast about stuff happening in Taiwan, and my ethnicity is Chinese so i suppose it's not really inaccurate to put my 'cast in that category.

john's podcast is mostly in English, just like his blog, although he occasionally podcasts in chinese. he podcasts from the U.S. but i suppose it's still not wholly inaccurate (well it kind of makes sense, i guess, maybe) to put his 'cast in the International-->Chinese category since he occasionally podcasts in Chinese and is also Chinese by blood like me.

i don't know about the other two podcasts in that category since i don't know them.

so anyway, i think that it's gonna be real interesting when "real" Chinese podcasts (like podcasts in which the main language spoken is Chinese) from Mainland China start getting listed there. it's no big deal if Chinese podcasts from Taiwan/Hong Kong/Singapore gets listed there since nobody really censors internet stuff in those places (aside from pr0n i suppose), unlike in China.

remember the furor over msn spaces censoring Chinese blogs? (Chinese like from China.)

well, maybe before iTunes 4.9 not many people in China know about podcasting. but now that v. 4.9 is here, i'm sure a lot of them would be very curious about the little "Podcast" icon on the upper left of their iTunes music players. i'm assuming that they can access apple.com and download this. but probably yeah. why not.

and then they're gonna start podcasting! and then how is the Chinese government gonna censor them now? in the wired article it says that msn spaces censors words like "democracy" "freedom" "taiwan independence".. stuff like that.

well what if people say it out loud? that's gonna be hard to catch right? i know that China requires bloggers to register (i've read that in the news) but are people really following this rule? my friend who works in Beijing never mentioned having to register his livejournal. but then again he mostly writes about nights out in bars and not political crap.

the thing is, if people from China start podcasting, they can like use hints and codes in their voices. they can say things like, "so now i'm talking about you know.. you know that.. the "F" word".. blah blah".. anyway i'm sure China hasn't advanced to the degree that they've developed speech recognition censors.

yeah of course people in China can do that, like use codes and voice hints to hint at what they're talking about and it's going to be hard for computer censoring software to catch what they're talking about.

often times too it's easier to get a point across when you talk about it directly, as opposed to writing, like in blogs. but of course many times too writing is more effective and clearer than speech, because in blogs you can put words and pictures to clarify and explain your point, so there, i've contradicted myself again. hahahaha. but of course, plain written words are easier to catch and censor.

so here are a couple of tips to political bloggers from China:
1. use foreign word substitutes for the banned words: write the French liberté egalité fraternité to illustrate your point instead of writing in chinese. so your sentence can be xxxx liberté xxxxx (xx= simplified chinese characters).

2. write your post in notepad, and then take a screenshot and then post the image to your blog! now your words are up on the screen and the computer software censors can't read it because they can't read words on pictures! (not yet anyway..)

you know, kind of like how certain websites hoping to prevent automated spam/robot registration have like some pictures of letters that you have to copy and if you spell it right that means you're not a spam robot and they'll let you register.

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Well, I found your Podcast strictly through the Itunes Podcast interface. I guess others have as well so you'd probabl y have a boost in listeners.
yep, out of the 200 or so people who downloaded via iTUnes, at least 5 people have already wrote me/ commented/ signed my guestbook. i guess that's pretty good. 5 real people!

thank you too, anonymous.
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