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thanks for voting for me at podcastalley

hello people! thanks a lot for voting for me at podcastalley. i'm really surprised that people actually voted for me. the first vote of every month is made by me (yeah i'm being honest haha). well i don't want to seem too pathetic with having zero votes. and then sometimes i bug a couple of my classmates to vote for me too so i at least have 3 every month.

but i have seven votes this month! that means four real, actual, authentic, people-that-i-didn't-force, people actually voted for me out of their own free will! heheheh.. thanks a lot! thanks a lot for leaving comments too! i really appreciate the comments. i don't know who made the newest comment though. it just said there comment by "monkey@...". who are you monkey? well thanks for commenting!

anyway i never mention this voting thing on my podcast because i want to be sure that people who vote/ or comment on podcastalley are really voting because they liked my podcast and not only because i asked them too and they're just fulfilling a favor.

so anyway i have a link to the voting page on the right side of this page. just click it to vote if you like the show.

in other news i've been working very hard on my school work lately. can you believe it. heheh..

in yet other other news i've been deluged with guestbook spam lately. it's really pissing me off. anyway i delete them as soon as they come. i used to keep a couple up there just for kicks. i choose the funny ones, but now they're just pissing me off. that's why i'm really happy that i received two REAL (and not spam) guestbook entries today. thank you for signing!

i received two entries. thanks Scott Pack! the other one is signed by someone called dj ketamine. i'm not sure if it's a real entry of if it's spam. it looks real, but the way it was written was weird. kind of like the way spam entries have weird sentences. but then maybe "dj ketamine" was just in a hurry, who knows.
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