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busy busy

hello, i'm sorry i haven't podcasted in a week. i've been really swamped with work, cramming my end of term animation.

i'm going to taipei on the day after tomorrow (Thursday) until Sunday to catch the last leg of the Taipei International Animation Festival (see promotional photos for this in my previous post). i hope to accomplish at least 90% completion before i go, that way i only have editing left to do when i come back.

anyway i'll probably have more to podcast about when i come back from Taipei. nothing ever happens in this sleepy mountain town where my school is.

for those who are curious what this "work" is i'm always talking about-- i'm doing a little Flash animation to They Might be Giants' Experimental Film for this term. my version is way lamer and more amateur than the Homestar Runner one but i'm trying my best to do a good job.

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I can't wait to see it!
I'm an animator myself. Motion graphics really.
Missing your podcasts too. But I understand how sometimes there are more important things! I go through that every once in a while.
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