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Blipmedia- link of the week

Rizzn.net, my free podcast hosting provider, is now Blipmedia dot org. actually i don't really know the difference between the two, but now that it's Blipmedia it seems to have more bells and whistles.
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the interface looks a bit more complicated and seems more daunting than the old simple rizzn.net/r.Podcaster interface that i've grown used to, but then again i'm a moron so don't take my word for it.
i also got horribly confused when Blogger changed its look after being acquired by Google, or when Yahoo! Groups changed its look because it decided it wanted a makeover.

the last time i podcasted (about a week ago), it took ages for my podcast to show up on my podcast list after e-mailing it in (that's one of the ways to upload to rizzn/ r.podcaster).

it was much faster today though. so i suppose blipmedia is an improvement.

so check it out everybody! mark, the founder of this thing, is a good guy. he looks different in all his pictures though, like the way Madonna or Toni Braxton look different in every music video. he had dark hair and a dark beard in his personal blog, and orange hair and glasses and no facial hair in the home page of blipmedia.org. very strange.
so just for this interesting fact alone, you should go check out Blipmedia.
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