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a rant then a happy ending

plenty of taiwanese websites as of this writing suck real bad in terms of usability and common sense (see previous two entries for elaboration- this and this). you know, all of the scary Flash torture web designers heap on their readers that mr jeffrey veen mentioned here.

(a lot being even more unusuable and unreadable than most american sites i've visited. honestly. a lot of cute, well-animated splash pages, little videos everywhere, cute but not reader-friendly in terms of easy navigation and not wasting people's time.)

i don't know how to code or write websites but i really want to learn css well so I can *teach* folks here about all the separating content from style stuff, readability, usability shift of paradigm crap that's been gaining ground in the world for the past couple of years. and also against the poor use of flash. a lot of sites really get carried away with it. i think i'll put up a link list sometime when i have the time.

but all is not lost i think because there are some very good and neat and clean and uncluttered (a lot of taiwanese sites are the opposite of that. and the effect is worse than badly presented English sites because Chinese font is very tiny and clutter makes it even harder to read things than if English words were cluttered.) taiwanese websites.

yeah worry not because there's a new wave and all that crap even if things are just starting to pick up. one of my newer discoveries is a blog by a guy called schee. check it out. it's really cool and the content is cool too. he's also got a podcast.

he's also got photos of the 3/26 demonstration i kept harping about a few podcasts back. check out schee's photoset on the 3/26 demonstration against China's anti-secession law.

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