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more gay people read blogs than straight people?

This article in Gawker says that according to this survey,

[A] survey found that gay people read blogs more often than their non-gay counterparts, with 27% of GLB adults frequently or occasionally seek out blogs versus 18% of heterosexual adults, and only 44% of GLB adults stating that they never read blogs as compared to 59% of heterosexual adults.

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i kind of don't wholly believe this. i'm thinking that while yeah okay maybe a high proportion of blog readership could be gay, still most of those who make waves and own/write the highest read blogs in the blogosphere are male geeks, i can't imagine gay people (or even straight non-geeks) being interested in all that stuff on coding and scripting and arcane crap. i'm not talking about the tech toys gadget blogs.

so in conclusion, i think that blog readership classified by sexual preference (arranged in descending order) would run like this:

1. [60%] straight male geeks

2. [40%] gay male geeks

*why male? because i think (and from the people i know, and from what i see online) that as of this writing reading blogs is still mostly a male (be it gay or straight) pasttime, but i think females (whether straight or gay) are catching up. a lot of girls i know only read blogs through their "friends" pages on sites like livejournal but i think more and more are branching out after that initial introduction. so "woohoo!" i say.

since i'm already digressing because i'm incapable of writing coherently and keeping my mind focused on one topic at a time,i might as well continue to diverge some more from my original topic. you should all check out this list of women who podcast.

3. [50%] female geeks [straight or gay are probably equal]

4. [25%] female non-geeks [straight or gay] who read blogs/ introduced to the world of blogs through sites like xanga.com or livejournal.com.

5. [2%]male hobbits

6. [1%]male elves

7. [0.7%]female hobbits

8. [0.4%]female elves

9. [0.1%]michael jackson humanoids


so in conclusion conclusion (since i already had one conclusion a paragraph earlier), i didn't really succeed in concluding anything since i just broke down my theory statistic into girls and boys. bleh.. also my numbers don't add up to 100%.

oh gosh look at the time. no wonder i'm typing nonsense. it's way past my bedtime. yeah, i'm one of those prematurely aging young adults whose bedtime is before 3am. zzz.. i hope your IQ didn't deteriorate by too many points after reading this post.
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