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lame ass 3d animation homework finally done!

i finally finished my lame ass 3d animation homework! can you believe it? it was due last semester. the teacher extended the deadline to this semester for everybody though. he was really nice.

i finally finished the bloody animation tonight. i don't remember anything from last semester's classes anymore. i did the modeling last week. i did the "skeletons" a few days ago. i finally did the *animation* (if you could call it that. it's really lame. the most *animating* i did was swivel the camera around) tonight. anyway it's barely 3 minutes long of the camera swinging around and a few seconds of actual *movements*. no story whatsoever. it's just a skill exercise.

anyway it's rendering now in the background, thank god i have a fast computer and a decent video card. it's still so bloody slow though! i want to wait for it to finish rendering right away so i can watch it. i'm so excited to see it in its lame entirety.

if i wait till it's finished rendering though i'm going to end up not being able to sleep. i have photography at 9:00am. so i guess i should sleep. grrr...

so i guess that means goodnight.

i've been feeling bummed the past few days.
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