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greaudio speakers

--more from the bad/ crippled website alert department

(by the way i'm listening to Van Halen's Running with the Devil right now. blast from the past.)

visit this website. it's really psycho. they sure don't want people to know about them. it's the homepage of Greaudio, this portable usb speaker maker.

but if you search for "greaudio" on google, this site doesn't come up on the list of results. you'll see shopping sites, auction sites, maybe some review sites that carry it or write about it, but you won't see their homepage listed.

why the hell, you ask? it's because the whole bloody website is a huge image map. all images. it's a huge .gif image cut up into parts, and the parts are linked to their internal pages. but for chrissakes. no words. by that i mean their text, like their brand name, info, everything are in "image" form. no wonder it doesn't show up when you search for greaudio on google.

the other thing is, its URL spells greataudio.com.tw, different from its brand name greaudio. weirdness. so typing greaudio.com.tw. i finally found this website by happening on a big photo of one of their speakers' packages and squinting real hard. they suck. i first saw a photo of them on yahoo taiwan auctions and thought i wanted to buy them for my mp3 player. but i changed my mind.

maybe they're into the whole let's be as obscure as possible thing. because it's gonna drive our hip factor real high if we're so obscure nobody can find our website unless they're losers with no social life who research for days on end. bwahahaha. cough.
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Hi there,
I am the European distributor for that Greaudio speakers. You are right, Greaudio's website needs to be kicked off a lot. But the Greadio speakers are really great pieces. It would be a pitty that you would not buy one only because of their website. Look, there are young guys working like hell in that Greaudio company. Very often, when I am sitting here in Europe around 9:00pm, guys there at Greaudio (Taiwan time 3:00am as you should know) are still working on coming up with new design and call me via Skype to discuss their new ideas.

I do appreciate their hard working and committment to their product !
"It would be a pitty that you would not buy one only because of their website."

well, i WAS planning to buy one of their speakers. but i couldn't find their website that time (because of the design flaws stated above) i wanted to buy little speakers for my mp3 player though. i like to research first before buying stuff. i ended up buying another pair.

well, maybe next time!

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