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great article on website interactivity

jeffrey veen's got great points and echoes all my feelings about websites who really overdo the flashy Flash thing. i want to print your article and save it in my wallet and show it to all the Flash magicians around here.

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Flash Flash Flash Flash Whole sites built in Flash. I have respect for Flash, I really do. Go look at how Flickr uses it to manipulate and annotate images. Also note how Flickr lets you navigate and interact with the rest of the site like ... well ... a web site. The contest sites, on the other hand, went to great lengths to compensate for breaking the user's navigation by designing their own navigation.

Loading... Self-contained boxes of Flash that try to entertain while they fill the pipe full of multimedia. Splash screens. Hip techno beats playing while a metaphorical gas gauge fills. Sites spending 30 seconds on this before anything happens at all. Me reaching for the back button.


dearest jeffrey veen, you should see this website. it's enough to make you cry. it's the website of one of the graduate institutes of the school i go to. maybe of its designers/coders will see this and make a change.

--brought to you by the bad/ crippled website alert department
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Hi Gem, I just checked out that site from the guy at your school, and after all that FLASH, the index page cannot be found on the server. Tell the guy thanks for wasting my time.
i think they haven't updated that page in a year. sigh..
isn't it frustrating? we should start a support group for victims of poorly used Flash and have coffee and muffins every Friday.
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