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chewing gum trivia

Tetsuya Mizuguchi, a top game designer, has started a blog. saw that in gizmodo. so i clicked on the link and checked it out. his first post had some good points and i think i'll add him to my sharpreader for a coupla days.

he also wrote this interesting tidbit about chewing gum. (of course this wasn't the point of his post at all, but it was what struck me the most.)

About five or six years ago in Japan, all of a sudden, chewing gum lost its popularity. The gum manufactures were wondering why, so they began taking surveys. One cause that they found was that cell phones were taking the place of chewing gum by monopolizing people's mouths. So when people are bored at the station or wherever, they gradually have been using cell phones more and more and thus have cut back on their idle gum chewing.

Wow! i never knew that.

anyway, here's the link to that post.


it's starting to get pretty warm. it was quite warm today, about 25 degrees Celsius.
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does any one know any gum trivia???
please anwser now!!!!!!!the last Question!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
hey YALL! I know that the largets peiceis 10,000 peices worth!
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