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carmi/engadget spam posts

this is the funniest discovery ever. Lately i haven't seen carmi comment on Engadget posts.

who is carmi you ask? well, he's this guy who makes comments on almost every Engadget post ever. it's really strange.

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in engadget, there are people who mostly comment on ipod related posts, or mostly on mp3 player posts. i sometimes make comments on posts about funny or bizarre peripherals. some people mostly make comments on maybe stuff about speakers. whatever.

but this carmi guy comments everywhere. his comments weren't as "stupid" as his detractors (to be explained below) claimed, but they were always very vague and it's hard to pinpoint what he's getting at. kind of like how some marketers write "spin" stories.

the other thing i noticed about this carmi guy is that he always links to his personal website twice. in engadget, there's a field where you can put a link to the name you used for commenting. that way your name is underlined in blue and people know you've linked to your website. but this carmi guy, he'll make a post right? and then he'll sign his name at the bottom again and put another link to his website a second time.

so anyway i always thought maybe he's not a real person. maybe he's just some kind of script that responds to key words in tech posts and then makes comments. i've experience with this because i get a lot of guestbook spam too. i delete most but i save the funny ones (like the one for "marijuana vaporizers". what the fuck.. haha).

so anyway i first caught an inkling of how i wasn't the first person to have noticed this in this Mar. 9, 2005 engadget post. scroll down and read the comments.

comments 2 and 3 complain about how engadget is starting to sound more and more like slashdot every day.

and then comment 5 goes "Yes, but does slashdot have that Carmi dude spamming comments in every other thread pimping his personal blog link?
Dont think so! Thats all Engadget baby!"

hahaha i remember cracking up so hard at that comment at that time. this was a post from a month ago. comment 6 replied to 5 and said "hahahaha!!! So true! :-D"

number 11 then chimed in, "I thought I was the only one that noticed!"

nope, nope.. you weren't the only one. i bet there are many more people just like me who noticed the carmi trend too but just thought maybe their senses are being tricked. haha.. anyway from that time a month ago i then knew i wasn't the only one who noticed carmi.


after that i got busier and didn't have time to visit engadget that much anymore.

i just read Engadget through my Sharpreader news reader, so whenever i clicked on a post name i just see the entry in plain on the lower panel. the whole page doesn't load, which means i don't get to read the comments.

but for the few posts that i did read during that time period between Mar. 9 and today, i hardly saw carmi comment anymore after that fateful post a month ago.


so back to that *funny discovery* i mentioned in my first sentence. earlier i was procrastinating, not wanting to start my work, so i thought i'd catch up on some news. so i fired up my Sharpreader and started browsing through my different subscriptions. and let me say, having a news reader is really a blast. you can like browse through 50 or so websites in a snap! maybe one day we won't need no browsers no more.

anyway back to the topic at hand, so i happened on engadget right? i was reading a couple of posts when i suddenly thought of carmi. hey, whatever happened to that geezer? haven't seen him post in a couple of weeks.

so i went to google and searched for "carmi engadget". guess what i found?

this post and this website.

by that post (dated March 22, 2005) you can already see how much they hated his guts. it's really funny.

because in this other Mar. 9 post, when carmi wrote this about LCD flat panels,
"Even though this may not be the top choice in the large/wide/flat screen space, its announcement continues to point to where the industry is going. We'll likely see more shaking out of both products and vendors in the months to come, but it's clear the performance increase/price reduction curve is far from going flat.


people like number 3 and number 17 still bothered to write the reaons why they hated carmi-- spamming engadget with all those links of his website, and posts with circuitous logic/ wording.

#3 said: "Old hat indeed, as pableu points out. But I can't help but be amused by Carmi's comment. Seriously, are you a bot that comments and linkspams on random gadget posts? As your text is probably the most generic vacuum future babble that can pretty much be applied to any post here. Time to beef up your neural network, Carmi!"


#17 said: "God I hate Carmi's posts...

Posting generic vomit-inducing posts is bad enough... so is advertising your dumb blog... but put them together and we have something truly horrendous...



but by march 21 i think they must have gotten so fed up with him that there's a real full scale fight going on. i think one guy actually clicked on carmi's link and posted a comment in carmi's wbsite to stop spamming engadget. and then carmi deleted that link and then said something about haters hating on him.

anyhow the guy who commented in carmi's website backed up the comment thread though in a new website. i think he set up a blogspot account just for that.

i think this goes to show that you can't go around doing bad things and pissing people off in the age of the internets, because people will air your dirty laundry for you, whether you like it or not, no matter how much you diss them for being *losers* who don't have a life and spend their days documenting things like these.

i think that for stuff like this though, it's not exactly *loser-ish*, since if you read this, you'll see how carmi deletes comments contrary to him and then says something else. i think if he didn't delete comments and actually admitted to being kind of annoying and then if the other guys still harassed him, then i'd feel that carmi is being bullied.

anyway i think in the end they all got so pissed at carmi they started making posts in engadget using his name. tsk tsk..

and now, for our feature presentation (drumroll, please), The Carmi Saga: post and this website to you.

you have to read a bored engineer because that's like the climax of this story. where the slings and arrows are slung and arrowed. okay?

this is the link to carmi's website: http://writteninc.blogspot.com.


this reminds me of another guy in a different setting. Tony Marino in the podcasters yahoo! group. he doesn't post that often, but when he does, he usually posts the same thing, this "marketing" strategy he teaches in his podcast. it's funny because people in this yahoogroup usually write e-mail to each other to ask questions, etc., but his emails are usually "promotional" and kind of not aimed at anybody.

so obviously this is even more noticeable in a smaller group (than in a big website community like engadget's). people immediately responded that hey tony, why don't you "talk to us" instead of talking like you're "above" us? stuff like that. he did reply, and very politely, but they were always very vague and general. i swear, some people think marketing means confusing people.

his podcast is also very vague. he seems to have the same content most of the time, as you can see for his listing in PodcastAlley. look at the podcast summaries. almost all have the same words!

anyway, i remember there was one time he e-mailed the group saying that his marketing strategies are very helpful in rocketing him to the PodcastAlley Top 10 (he's currently ranked 15 (as of today).

he said that his strategy of calling on his mailing list and asking them to vote for him worked. quote: "Learn how we boosted (in less than 3 weeks) to the top of Google,
Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Podcast Alley. Discover how we call upon our
lists to help us fortify our position. It can be made far simpler
you know how! (The expose' is FREE to all here at our special
Podcasters' group!)"

after that some guy replied to him and said that, "..And to think, some of did it with listeners rather than with a

haha.. touché. haven't seen him e-mail the group lately though.

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