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what the heck is a "somona"?

sonoma, originally uploaded by hey-gem.

this is a misspelled ad in Yahoo! Taiwan's front page for a laptop with the Sonoma processor.
Yahoo! Taiwan really should get its act together.
and these ads on its front page aren't third party ads. so you can't say this isn't their fault. these ads are ads for stuff Yahoo! Taiwan sells in their shopping page.
other gripes:
1. their news section doesn't have an RSS feed link, not even an "add to my Y!" button. aren't they part of the Yahoo! worldwide empire?
this is really lame because sometimes there are funny news stories and it's really inconvenient to have to go to their website every time i want to read something, and then click through titles, or click "next news item" "next news item" to get to the next page.

2. Yahoo! Taiwan's e-group system is really lame. it's different from the normal Yahoo!'s yahoogroup system. there's no RSS link again, but not only that. posts don't get mailed to you.
no there's no setting that you can turn off or on to activate that. it's simply not a feature. and you have to go through a circuitous route to be able to read what you want. lameness.
it functions more like a private bulettin board system/ forum and less than a full featured groups or mailing list system.

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