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to seabreeze, because i can't find your contact details

to seabreeze who commented in my previous post:

hey, i clicked your name and the blogger link to your blog didn't work. your e-mail address also wasn't in your profile so i couldn't contact you. here's the answer to your question.

I have a techno-ignorant question --> how do I add your podcast to my podcast catcher? is there a button? is there a text url to drop into my aggregator (I use Doppler)?

you can add my podcast to your podcatcher by copying and pasting the link in the RSS feedburner feedburner picture on the upper right of my page.
This---> ["http://feeds.feedburner.com/misadventuresInTaiwan"]

i put a new button in pink up there with the other subscription options. podcast-mini5

Also, some blogs have a button that takes us right to the Podcast Alley voting page. Do you have one yet? I don't see it.

oh, and i added a link to my listing in PodcastAlley just now. nope, i didn't have one until now. thanks for suggesting it. =) i wrote it as "PodcastAlley listing". that's what you mean by PodcastAlley voting page right? i'm not very good with technical stuff myself too.

lastly, thanks for commenting!
Comments (留言€):
Show is great, I just voted for it and left a comment on podcastalley.com. Too bad about that generic iRiver.

A couple comments and questions:

1) Can you keep the id3 tags consistent moving forward?

2) I am trying to brush up on my Chinese, do you know of any good podcasts in Chinese?

hi! i can't keep the id3 tags consistent because
whenever i upload to rizzn.net (free podcast hosting
site), their script changes my tags. it bugs me a bit too. i'm terribly sorry. the rizzn.net script
changes my track name and artist name to the first
name and last name in my rizzn.net account. that's why
i put in [misadventures in taiwan] as my first name
there and my URL as "last name" so at least people
won't get lost. i'm sorry. i don't have enough space
for storage in my school account, and i can't afford
to go paid hosting yet. so i have to settle for free,
but it changes my tags. =)

thanks for voting for me! =)

i don't know of any podcasts in chinese. the truth is
i usually just listen to music podcasts (insomnia
radio, coverville, rock & roll geek show). but this
nice guy who's emailed me and left me some comments
before podcasts occasionally in chinese i think. this
is his website: http://johnong.com/ongline/. he told
me that he's malaysian born chinese american (does
that make sense to you?) and that he podcasts
sometimes in chinese.

i'm thinking of doing a mandarin word/phrase for the
day thing actually for my show. i don't know how
helpful that would be. maybe not much. but at least
you'd get some trivia. =)
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