[Misadventures in Taiwan]



podcast for first of march

whoa.. this one is long. i wouldn't blame you for not wanting to listen.


click for show notes

here are the links i mentioned in the show that i promised to put up:

1. Abi Feijo's profile on Animation World Network.

2. msn's primer to kiddie computer slang

3. rappers and bloggers by Josh Levin on Slate.

4. ppmusic

5. audiography


visit Rizzn! i'm now using them to store my mp3s. they're free, and now i don't have to worry about my free 100mb web space from school running out.

if you don't have money, not even $5 to spare for a LibSyn account, why not check it out?

well this file isn't hosted on rizzn because it's a HUGE 12++ mb mp3 and i just discovered that Rizzn makes audio 128kbps so my 64kbps mp3 because 25++ mb after uploading. so i changed this track's home just now (1:40am) to my puny school web storage space because i don't want to inconvenience anyone with huge file sizes.

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