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Mar. 26, 2005 taiwan protest demonstration against China

newspaper scan of 3/26/05 taiwan demonstration

I went to the library earlier and photographed today's headlines about yesterday's protest in taipei against China's anti-secession law.

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newspaper scan of 3/26/05 taiwan demonstration

newspaper scan of 3/26/05 taiwan demonstration
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Your right Gem,

The U.S. and European media coverage about the protest in Taiwan was weak. In fact, it seems like media coverage on anything that is pro-democracy anywhere in the world these days, tends to be underplayed by mainstream news outlets or at best, reluctantly reported. I would bet that if the Chinese Government was to 'organize' some type of pro-government counter-protest, it would get much more media coverage.

That is a sad but true statement...

The recent 'spontaneous' protests in Damascus against the Syrian occupation were a good example of this. The media seemed to take more joy in the 'second' protest (which was 'organized' by pro-Syrian political groups) than they did the first; pointing out with glee that it was just as big as the first protest.

However, this was followed by a 'third' protest which was again, against the Syrian occupation. The third protest was bigger than the prior two combined but receive little attention.

Why you ask??

I believe it is because President Bush is always saying in his speeches that "freedom and democracy is sweeping across the globe... and when people of any culture are given the choice (like an opportunity to vote or protest) between democracy or a more restrictive form of government, they choose democracy and freedom every time."

90% of the U.S. and European mainstream media HATE Bush soooo much that they are reluctant to give too much coverage to 'anything' that might make Bush look like he is right. It puts the mainstream media in the precarious position of having to be almost anti-democratic.

Again, sad but true...

And the mainstream media wonders why every year they have less viewers, readers and listeners! Thank God for the internet! People like You, Gem, are in a position to report the truth... and people like me will hear you!

OK... I'm done ranting... Bye

P.S. I was surprised to see a picture of NBA basketball from the U.S. in the sports section of "The China Post". I love basketball (GO WIZARDS!), I guess it has more global appeal than I imagined.
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