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how i like rizzn so far

i'm making this post in response to anonymous's question here in my feb. 28, '05 post.

how i like rizzn so far


1. it's free.

2. mark, the guy who runs it is friendly and approachable. you can ask him questions and he helps out.

3. there are different ways of sending your podcasts to the site. you can upload it directly, or e-mail it, or leave a voice recording using your phone.

4. your new podcast shows up pretty fast after uploading or emailing it. haven't tried phoning in.

cons (but nothing major):

1. the rizzn.net program re-encodes your mp3 so the id3 tags get changed. some track information (for example album art) disappear too.

2. sometimes (but very rarely) it takes a long time for your podcasts to show up in your list of podcasts after e-mailing or uploading it.

3. i think the website is run only by one guy. sometimes i worry if mark gets tired of running it and decides to go on holiday or find another line of work he'll just shut down the website and my podcasts'll disappear. i worry that it's not that permanent. but then again, he seems like a nice enough guy so if he does decide to quit he'll probably inform people in advance.
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