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easter 2005 edition

sorry i sound kind of dead today. a little tired. Happy Easter!


links/ stuff mentioned today
1. scans of newspaper headlines and articles about March 26 Taiwan's protest rally against China's anti secession law: 1 and 2

2. from here about this- "FeedBurner Users: Playing With Fire".

3. weise: young man who committed Minnesota native american reservation school shootings


Sept. 17, 2007 update:

my free podcast host Rizzn.net has ceased to exist since 2005, and I lost the

original files, so the audio podcast file in this post is forever gone, i guess.

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Happy Easter Gem!

Two things...

1) The people I talk to here in the U.S. see what is going on between China and Taiwan and we care; and I am sure we would support and defend our friends in Taiwan for their rights to be a free democracy. However, Let us pray that everything can be resolved peacefully without any kind of military action from China.

2) I recorded a special "Easter message for all the Women of the World" in my latest VarietyCast. Hope you get a chance to listen.

Keep Podcasting!
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