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bwahahaha-- microsoft's tips for buying a flash based mp3 player

got it from this engadget article

their "tips" are pretty lame, and obviously a not very subtle diss of the iPod Shuffle, but in their eagerness to write "tips" that directly counter the features Shuffle doesn't have (you have to have a display!! i agree on this one though) they sure missed out on some important things that i think a flash player should not miss.

1. firstly flash players should be able to act as mass storage devices. it's fine if bigger capacity hard drive players have to have some music management software (iTunes, Musicmatch) synced to it in order to transfer music, delete music, etc..
but because flash players are designed to not have that many songs anyway, to be only for short commutes or gym workouts, it is vital that you can just plug it in the computer and drag and drop crap into them.
plus the fact that they are so small would go to waste if they can't double as portable usb disks.

2. a microphone for recording voice notes

3. a line-in jack for recording from an outside source
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