[Misadventures in Taiwan]



about the trip, hello new friends!

1. ended up not going to the mountain we were originally supposed to go to. ended up going to another mountain (a much more famous one-- Alishan Forest Recreation Area/ 阿里山).

2. didn't see "snow" as such. the stuff on the ground was ice. treacherous, slippery ice. not soft, powdery snow.

there's another mountain way higher north that has 100++cm of snow (real snow) but i guess i'm not gonna see that. not 玉山, not the one i mentioned in my previous post that you could see from Alishan and accessible only by an NT$80,000 helicopter ride. not that one. the one i'm talking about is way way up in the north. i'll put in the name after i know it.

3. was nauseous during the two hour ride from the Chia-Yi train station to Alishan Forest. (also on the two hour ride back from the mountain back to the Chia-Yi station.) 1 1/2 hours of the trip was spent winding up the slopes of the bloody mountain. contained my puke reflex with Extra chewing gum and lemon and plum preserves.


in other news, i'm actually hearing from people who listen to/ read my blog!!!! emails, and one actual skype phone call!

John was the very very first person i ever talked to using skype!! (like an actual voice call!! i've played with skype text chatting instant-messenger style for a couple of days since installing it, but this is my first ever ever voice call. it sounds crisp and clear! a bit muffled, but still very clear, no lags. very different from voice chatting with MSN or Yahoo! messenger). talked to him a few minutes earlier. 10:30 p.m. on my end, 9:30a.m. on his (Maryland, USA). hi john!

David's sent me a couple of hello e-mails and placed a link to me on his site. hello there! david and his wife lisa even mentioned me on one of their podcasts (link to post)! of course i got very excited after that and told (probably more like gushed to) my grand total of two friends who know about me and this podcasting thing.

John Ong, i've mentioned him in a previous podcast. hello, how's it going? he's also sent a couple of e-mails and comments my way. I checked out his website (his site has his blog/podcast, and 3 other sections). one of the sections is dedicated to the cakes he bakes. a podcaster who bakes! now that's original.

and there's Alex who's emailed me and him again and Andrew who've left encouraging messages on my guestbook. hi and hi!

heehee! thanks everyone for contacting me. i love hearing from my readership/ listenership.. hmm now i'm starting to sound like a dork whose only friends exist in the internet world.
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