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Happy Chinese New Year!

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What am I thinking, haha, I can't stay away from podcasting, slow internet and lousy acoustic environment in my room notwhistanding.

i apologize that your DJ (me) sounds even shittier today than usual. my room here at home is even more inhospitable to podcasting than my dorm room at school. and my computer mic is even worse than my PC mic at the dorm. i sound really far away and there's a lot of crackles and stuff.

today's content is interesting though, the most interesting that i'll be able to come up with i think. i'll never be able to top this again. ehh.. no topics today, not me rambling about my life or taiwan or whatever. today's podcast is all about music, music from skate (you know, skateboarding) videos.

1. Jason Lee's Song (The Environment, Peace, Love, not War Song) from Blind's video Video Days.

this video's director is Spike Jonze. nobody knows this video, i mean, non-skaters don't know this video. but they know spike jonze, so i suppose i should put his name in.

["There's a war outside of your window, it's destroying our world, so take the hand of a boy and a girl, and walk down the street and sing a happy song...to make the world better. Peace on earth, environments, religion and pray to god!"]

2. Milk- The Knife Song (I love this song!!!!)-- also from Video Days

3. Mark Rogowski sitting in his chair playing guitar singing Pretty in Pink

(from the documentary on him, Stoked, directed by Helen Stickler.)
If you don't know who Gator is, shame on you, look him up on Google.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!

P.S. in my podcast, i complained at least twice about the bloody chickens in my house crowing and upsetting my podcast. when i listened to the recording though, i couldn't hear the roosters crowing. yeah, and why should it? my PC's microphone is too weak to pick up sounds from that far away.

oh man! that took half an hour to upload!!! damn slow modem connection. i've forgotten the pain of having ghetto internet speed.

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I could clearly hear the chickens in the background! In any event, GONG XI FA CHAI!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Hi there. I listened to your show just recently when I go back from Malaysia. I live in the US now.
I'm always in the hunt for other Asian podcasts. I hope you'll be doing more podcasts soon. When are you coming back to college/broadband?
I had the same issue when I went back to Malaysia. So bad, I got my parents broadband, and they love it now.
BTW, I could hear the chicken in the background clearly too. That's really nice. Like a soundscape. Waiting for your new podcast.
Also, if you understand Taiwanese, you'd probably understand my Hokkien podcast. I usually have a mixture of English and Hokkien and Mandarin.
Ok, I'll be waiting for your new shows.
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