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a holiday tomorrow!

hello to my 0.1 readers. i've been back at school for ten days already but i was down with a real bad cold for the first seven. it was like 13 degrees Celsius here in Tainan for that week. it's about 19 degrees now. a little better.

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there's a holiday tomorrow. Feb. 28th. i'm not sure what it was for. i asked my classmates and all i got were vague answers on how the holiday is to commemorate the death of lots of Taiwanese. nobody seemed to know what it was about. one told me that there was a fight between some Taiwanese and some people from China. 外省人= people not from this province (which is, technically, any foreigner. but 外省人 generally means people from China). but she didn't know what it was about either. i asked if it was a recent event, and she didn't know either. it'post WWII, but that's all i could get. my classmates in Animation aren't very interested in politics and history much. during the March 2004 presidential elections most of their voting choices were influenced by their family. i suppose that's not a bad thing. i don't really want to be in a volatile, politically charged environment anyway.

in other news, the new electricity billing system is now in full effect. they rewired all the rooms at the start of the fall semester (what a hassle that was). now all the electricity is controlled by a little blue box in every room. a dorm resident is required to buy a NT$650 card and then put it in the little box which is really an IC card reader. every time you take the card out and put it back in the slot it deducts 2.50 from the card's prepaid account. so i just keep it inserted. plus i have a refrigerator so i have to have constant power. i just try to remember to unplug my other stuff when i'm not using them so there won't be a continuous trickle of power getting lost.

in true grad school fashion, it took less than a week for some of my classmates to crack the card reader. they opened the box and flipped a switch or something and their boxes don't light up anymore, which means they're not getting metered. you've gotta do this judiciously though, or you'll get caugh. which means they only do this after 5pm when the electricians or whoever's in charge of this business leaves work and during the weekends. i don't dare do this though because i'm a wimp. heheheh..

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