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separate blog for podcasts?

long yawn of a post

i wonder if i should make a separate blog for my podcasts. a blog in which the only entries i post are links to either audio or video files for download by others.

because after i listed myself in a couple of podcast directories a week ago i've been getting some hits from people referred from those directories.

the thing is, i haven't put up podcasts for how many weeks already since i've been busy with making the end of term animatic for school. i don't want to mislead anybody or anything. people are probably clicking on those pages in hope of finding stuff to download and listen to not scroll down lots of text to search for podcasts embedded between two lengthy rambling text posts.

so maybe i should put up a page where the only entries are for podcasts. but that would mean i have like so many blogs to manage. i already have this main blog, an "image" blog, and "stuff" (for random crap) blog.

and i personally prefer having my main blog peppered with audio posts amidst text posts.

another con of separating my blogs is that people who already currently subscribe to this one's rss feed will have to change their bookmarks.

i suppose a workaround for that is i could just stop posting text here altogether and just post podcasts. i could also leave a post telling people who are more interested in reading or looking at my pictures that they can check out the new blog i created specifically only for normal blog posts without audio or video enclosures.

but then after making that post announcing that it's gonna be pushed down lower on the page everytime i put up new posts. it will eventually disappear from the front page. so i suppose i could put a link either on the left or right sidebar. but then again nobody ever looks at my links. christ.

anyway in the meantime i created a page just "listing" all of my previous podcasts so far. it's neater and more organized that way. that blog is just a "list" though. the links there lead to the individual permalinks for my podcast posts here. the links do not directly link to the mp3s.

here is the link to the list.

oh and also why doesn't blogger have a "topic" function. like you can set topics like music, internet, cars, skateboards and then everytime you post you can just choose from the list of topics you have predefined and your post will be filed under that topic. and that topic will appear in your links list and then readers who are interested in that topic can just click that topic, say "bmx flatland", and then a page will open listing only the posts you have designated under "bmx flatland". i noticed tripod blogs has that function when i set up the page listing my previous podcasts.
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