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click to read about me getting owned by css layout/positioning and internet explorer

I continue to get owned by css layout and positioning in Internet Explorer 6.0.

When I viewed my site in the Digital Center's computers using the browsers there, I got a heart attack at seeing my site all weird, the links in the blue boxes on the left and right are totally overlapping the main body of text. I wondered why and then fiddled with the "View text" settings and set it to "Medium". it worked out fine. grrr.

so i came back home and tried setting my text settings in FIrefox 1.0 to very very large and the boxes still stayed in place! (of course there were some weird things happening like the words spill out of the boxes, etc., but nothing goes out of its way to cover another element. goddamn..)

after much thinking and experimenting with viewing other websites on my computer's IE 6.0 (haven't used that in a while, now i'm making up for months of not using it), i came to the conclusion that the thing that goes wrong in Explorer is that the boxes follow the words in getting big, thus my blue link boxes end up overlapping and covering my main body.

as for Firefox, it just increases the text size, and the boxes don't increase in size horizontally, they just stretch down. ergo, not increasing in size horizontally, equals not overlapping and covering the text on the main body.

i also noticed that i can avoid having my text getting resized in Internet Explorer and screwing up my boxes by specifying my font sizes as "px" (pixels) or "pt" (points).

but i read in this other website that you should specify it as "em" (ems) so that it won't be predefined and if people with lousy eyesight want to read your website they can magnify your text with their browser's View text settings and the words will grow/shrink in proportion to that and not stayed fixed at your specified font size. because if you specify your font size as "12px" maybe there are some people who can only read comfortably at "16px" or something.

but that's not very good for me because i'm a novice at site making and i can't have my boxes growing together with my text in internet explorer. in firefox it's fine but it's really wonky in IE.

i also noticed that the text in websites with fixed font sizes that don't shrink or grow when you change view text settings in IE will shrink and grow in firefox. but it doesn't screw up their layouts though.

so yeah i have to figure out how to fix my little boxes. after jan. 18th. till then, i made a temporary solution. I set my "overflow" to "auto", which results in little scrollbars appearing beside the blue boxes when my page is resized. it's ugly fo' shizzle (the devil has taken over me.. why am i talking like this.), but at least it "kind of" "resolves" the issue of the the boxes growing with the words when "View" is set to "largest" in internet explorer.

Because overflow:auto means that little scroll bars will appear when needed, when there's no longer space in the containing element for it. so there.
the default is overflow:visible which means that even if the words can no longer fit in its containing box, we still want the words to be visible.

but i dont' know why my box grows along with my words in internet explorer so i guess i'll have to do with the scroll bars for now.. damn.

suddenly i'm thinking why do SUVs take browser names? Netscape Navigator, Lincoln Navigator. Internet Explorer, Ford Explorer. maybe we'll see a Cadillac Firefox very soon. after all, it is the cadillac of browsers.

blogger new year's resolutions 2005 (technorati)

and now, the part about resolutions:

In other news, I came across this guy Michael Verdi's blog today. yes.. i know i should be doing my independent project and not surfing the net, but cut me some slack. anyway, in the site's "The Game" page he says that he's----

"playing a game for the next 13 1/2 months (from Nov 14, 2004 - Dec. 31, 2005). The game is called, FILMMAKER and these are the rules:"

1. Write every day like my life depends on it.
2. Write 3 screenplays by the end of 2005.
3. Make a short and post it here every week until the end of 2005.
4. Make a feature film by the end of 2005.
5. Win a film festival by the end of 2005.

read more about it

whoa, that is mighty ambitious and mighty worth emulating. i'm gonna take that as my New year's resolution/ inspiration for 2005 and do that. right. that means i should log out of Blogger this instant and start doing my project or i'll be dead next Monday (we have to show it to the head of the Animation institute first before the final presentation on the 18th).

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