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phase one completed

we presented our animatics (something like a rough draft for an animation) [animatic: wikipedia definition] today.

i got lots of applause although i'm not very sure if it was because of my film or because i was really funny in my oral presentation explaining what the film was about. i think it's the latter. i suppose that's not an entirely bad thing. if i fail at filmmaking i guess i have a fallback career in stand-up comedy.
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anyway, we still have classes the day after tomorrow (thursday) and friday. zzzzzz.. i go home next tuesday for chinese new year's break where there is no always-on fast internet so i don't know if i'll be putting up podcasts or video blog posts during that time.

i'm soo sleepy and dizzy and tired since the thing lasted the whole day. the second years presented first in the morning (it extended till like 2pm for us) and then a short break and then 1st years (who presented in groups, not individual works), and then third years.

it sucked because last year when we were first years we also had to wake up early and present in the morning. this year, we're second years, and yet we're still queued up for the morning slots! grrrr..

anyway there were pretty many interesting films from everybody. the first year girls (their class is composed of 8 girls and 2 boys) were dressed to the hilt. and i mean, to the hilt.
skirts, heels, stockings, blazers...

the second years were dressed in rumpled shirts, birkenstocks sandals... hahaha..

the third years were neater, but nobody dressed up particularly special for today though.

when we were first years we were also dressed rattily. haha.. guess we're too lazy for fashion.

i'm going to post a link to my animatic after i put it up on the web. it's still in its roughest roughest draft form, but i think it's good to have a record of my progressions.

right i'm just rambling now because i'm dizzy. i had some substantial points to make earlier when i started typing but i've forgotten them all basically after typing that bit about what everyone wore today because i'm losing my memory.

tomorrow.. a coherent post.

one of these days before i leave school for break.. a coherent podcast. (i hope.)

now. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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