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on the usage of the word "high" in Taiwan

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in this podcast i talk about how "high" is used in Taiwan.
it is common to hear young people say things like "let's get high", or "i want to get high", or "i'm so high, man!" here in Taiwan. what does it mean? is stoner culture really that prevalent in Taiwan? or worse, colombian cocaine culture? or maybe it means something else?
some notes here

1. Yes, I know I sound really dead in this podcast. where's my voice going? i'm usually more alive than this.

2. There might be no more podcasts till the 18th since I have to cram my animatic for end of term presentation.

3. this podcast is about "high" as used in sentences constructed like these: "let's get high", or "i want to get high".

(The subject and the verbs are in chinese of course, only the "high" part is said in english.)

this podcast is not about the english word "high" used in chinese sentences like "i'm really high on games like Halo 2." wherein the meaning of "high is pretty obvious from the context.
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