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About Flickr

I would just like to say Flickr is so cool! I can't believe I stuck with photobucket even longer than i stuck with villagephotos. bleh.. i should've tried out Flickr sooner.

Flickr: no storage limit (there's no you've used up 25mb with your photos, you've reached your limit).
there's no bandwidth limit.. well not that that's ever been a problem for me on my other journals and blogs since hardly anyone reads them.. but still, this is a very cool thing.

what they have is a 10mb limit for uploads every month. i think that's pretty cool because if you actually manage to reach that upper limit for uploads for three months that's already 5mb more than what photobucket's free account gives you. and you can wait till next month to upload more.

and Flickr's photo management tool totally rocks! i can't explain it. it's like you're doing stuff in your own computer, dragging and dropping stuff into folders. (i'm talking about Flickr's online photo management tool, not the one you download to your computer. haven't tried that yet.)
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