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my site's milestones


1. Dec. 19, 2004-- first post in this blog, site first created

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2. somewhere around Dec. 22-23, 2004-- the bulk of the pages of this site was created although there's hardly any content yet.. talking about the "Stuff" pages.

3. Dec. 26, 2004-- my first podcast

4. Dec. 31, 2004-- finally figured out how to make expandable post summaries.
Also figured out only show links to posts on archive page (and not the full post because it's too long and unwieldy).

5. Jan. 1-3, 2004-- changed the site's layout/look. the first looks for the site were from pre-made internet templates. the original layout for the blog was "Dots", one of the deafult Blogger templates by stopdesign.
I originally only wanted to change the blog layout, but ended up using it for the main site too. So I had to change all the different [div] container names and all for every page but I suppose it's worth it, since every element is now categorised according to my wishes, it should be easier to edit in the future.

6. Today-- woohoo! my css validated! although the layout looks kind of wonky in Internet Explorer.
But everything's readable though (cross my fingers.. since I've only "tested" it on my computer, resolution 1024x768, on Firefox 1.0 and IE 6.0. I don't know about other browsers.
i suppose I don't really mind much if the little boxes on the left and right side are spaced too widely on IE 6.0 and kind of look ugly. At least they're aren't overlapping anymore and covering my main body text. I still haven't totally grasped css positioning so yeah..

7. There's only two more weeks to go before this semester's presentation of our individual projects. I'll probably have to lay low on the podcasts in the meantime.
Gotta hustle, gotta work.. but yeah, I'm still typing here and not drawing.. Ok, I will, in a minute!

I'm still pretty worried about using up all my storage space on my free school-provided webspace. I've already migrated a lot of my site's photos to Flickr.

do you have the time to listen to me whine?

I've only less than 50MB left of the original 100mb since I uploaded last year's final project which was a humongous 52MB (already in low-resolution).

Anyhow, if I podcast thrice a week and every podcast is about 3MB (average length), I'll only get to podcast for like five weeks and then no more space.. I'm gonna have to find a solution.. Still haven't found a free website host that allows remote linking of files. If I can find one I can just put up my podcast mp3s there and remote link from this blog. Sigh..
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