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first podcast for 2005

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1. the weather, again. i'm that boring. but it's really cold! 14C and dropping.. overnight low of 9 degrees. this will continue till the day after tomorrow.

2. it's snowing in some mountains in the north and northeast of Taiwan.

3. "Coughing Spell Incident Proves Not All Singing Popstars Lip Sync like Ashlee Simpson!"
Lesson learned: don't wear skimpy clothes during the coldest weekend of the winter. tv news already warned of that days beforehand!
(by the way the singer i mentioned in the podcast is 孫燕姿. did a Google search and her English name is "Stephanie". that's all i know about her.)

4. i tell you a tale about the infamous Old Chen Beef Noodle Store (老陳牛肉麵)-- where you order a bowl of noodles and the owner goes out and buys takeout to serve to you.
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