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Winter Solstice Dinner Party (冬至吃湯圓)

The class held a dinner party today in room 203 of the Sound & Image Building. It is a Taiwanese tradition to eat "湯圓" (could be sweet or salty. i prefer the sweet ones.) to celebrate the winter solstice.

今天我們在203吃湯圓因為是冬至. 阿耀煮湯圓and阿跳帶菜.

Definition of 湯圓:
>> stuffed dumplings made of glutinous rice flour served in soup--
(definition courtesy of Besta Electronic Dictionary/ 無敵電子辭典)

>> the stuffed dumplings are shaped like balls (imagine shrimp/ fish balls).
>> the sweet ones are stuffed with peanuts, soup is cooked with brown sugar
>> the salty ones suck. haha, just kidding. it's served in salty soup with vegetables. much like ordinary meat/ fish/ shrimp balls.
(informal definition courtesy of me.
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