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weezer.. i mean.. whizzer.. and other happenings

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today's topics:
1. the weather (god how boring).. but it's cold! so it deserves a mention..

2. the mysterious aforementioned whizzer

3. trendy things in this little mountain town (Naruto comics, Young Kindaichi- for myself..)

4. deadly earthquake/ tidal waves

5. mysterious blogs on "home mortgage" visiting my site

6. how i just found out that my free web space has a 100mb storage limit, and how i already used up half just posting my 2003-2004 group project animation.

7. trying to figure out how to include photos with my mp3. (for this post i'm offering a .zip file of lousy pics for download. this post has other photos of my taichung trip. i didn't repeat photos because i have to be stingy on storage space now.)
maybe for my next podcast (will there be a next one?) i'll try to put pics in the "album art" part of iTunes.

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