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trip to taichung (with photos)

Went to Taichung yesterday Dec. 26, 2004:
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Impressions of the place--
1. lots of shady people (more than Tainan, less than Taipei). the more north you go, the more shady people you encounter. my classmate theorized that it must be the pace of life there.
2. it's pretty warm. which is surprising because the temperature is supposed to drop the more north up you go in taiwan.

School--> Lung-Tien Train Station (20 minutes away)

Lung-Tien Train Station, rode Electric Train (2nd slowest of Taiwan's trains) to--> Hsin Ying Train Station

Hsin Ying Train Station, rode Tze Chiang Train (fastest of Taiwan's trains) to--> Taichung Train Station

*notes: Usually you can go to Taichung straight from Lung-Tien without changing trains but for some reason there were no trains for that afternoon going straight to Taichung from Lung-Tien.
For the trip from Taichung back to Lung-Tien though, we rode one train all the way withtout having to change stops.

*notes: I've never ridden the Tze Chiang Train (fastest train) before (to Tainan or Kaohshiung) because it never stops at Lung-Tien. It only stops at major stops.
So the fastest train I've ridden before yesterday was the Chu-Kuang train which is in actuality the 2nd fastest. Even then, it doesn't stop as often in Lung-Tien.

1. Saw a bottle of red-colored Sprite in the Hsin-Ying Station's 7-11. Ginger flavored. Didn't buy it. Too exotic for me.
ginger sprite

2. Saw this ginger bread replica of the Taichung Train Station outside the boarding gate when we were about to go back.
gingerbread house

3. Went to "Fun Street"
fun street

4. Stencil Graffiti (Taiwan's street graffiti are usually stencil stuff. There isn't a lot of spray can stuff.)

5. Heineken Green Tea
Heineken Green Tea


Comments (留言€):

To see the spray can stuff, you have to dig around a little bit. The canal near Kungyi Rd and Chung Ming S Rd has quite a few bombs, but nothing worth drowning over, go when the water is low.

check out: www.taichung-graffiti.blogspot.com for more.

Some of the stencils you see around are quite impressive, actually.

Maybe next time,

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