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i re-encoded my first two podcasts (Link 1, Link 2) so the file size would be smaller. it's still in .mp3 format, but i used mp3Pro which (supposedly) allows you to encode audio in a lower bitrate (thus resulting in a smaller file size) but still retain the quality of an old style mp3 encoded with twice that bitrate.

i also noticed i wrote the wrong e-mail address in the URL field of the id3 tag in my second podcast. yes i'm a moron. please add "888" before @gmail.com to contact me.

lastly i found out that the school web site hosting thing only has a 100MB storage limit. boo. i already used up half of that since i put up my 2003-2004 group project animation here and it's 53mb in size.

so i've been looking for "free web hosts" online where i can put that video file and just link to it from my "works" page but no go. there are a bunch of free 100mb web hosts all right, but all of them impose some kind of file size limit every time you upload. something like 1mb or 3mb each time you upload. that's lame because there's no way to upload a 53mb video file in chunks. ehh.. and i can't afford paid hosting.

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