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a cold new year's weekend

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The New Year's weekend promises to be a cold one, as the news said that this weekend will see Taiwan's lowest temperature for this winter. Got that from the TV News today during lunch at Mcdonald's in Madou (麻豆)-- a bigger town perhaps 20 minutes away by scooter.
The temperature right now is 17C (according to weather.com's report on tainan as of 11:30 p.m., half an hour ago.) but it feels much colder. There'll be an overnight low of 12C, and then tomorrow till jan. 1 will see lows of 9C. Jan. 2 will see lows of 11C, and then the weather will slowly get back to normal (what's normal for this season in South Taiwan anyway.. 15C). I'm sure this weather forecast doesn't interest anybody else so i'll stop now.
In other news, a couple of mountains in the North-Central part of Taiwan have a 60% chance of snowfall. damn i wanna see that.
Of course the tv news also talked about the Indian Ocean tidal wave disasters.
and then there was this feature that got my attention.
it was about a couple (americans, not taiwanese) formerly from NYC who lived near the World Trade Center when the 9/11 terrorist attack happened. they decided to move to Hong Kong to seek (safer? happier? luckier? fill in the blank) ______ pastures.
after a few happy months in 2003, they were then caught up in the thick of the SARS problem. HK, Taiwan, Singapore, China all had massive outbreaks of the SARS flu and everyone had to go around wearing gas masks and being paranoid of going out and meeting coughing and sneezing people. pretty unlucky for them.
anyway the couple decided to go on a vacation this winter as a treat to themselves. they chose Phuket, Thailand as their destination. and who woulda known, after a few days of enjoying the sun-kissed beach, the tsunami disaster struck.
they got out ok though i think, or the news wouldn't have stopped its report there.
might/ might not get a hair cut in tainan city tomorrow..
Happy New Year!! Happy 2005!
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