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a bleary-eyed morning after

long, winding, boring, and mostly pointless..
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the blog title makes it sound as if i had a super night carousing away but actually i was just at the computer last night figuring out how to post audio to my blog.

earlier in the night i was reading westciv css tutorials that left my head spinning. yeah so i guess my one-week old website will see its redesign much, much, later..

it's not that i'm lazy. but i still have a rough animatic to crank out for mid-january for end-of-term presentation or i flunk out.

actually this website was started in a fit of procrastination last weekend (Dec. 19). We had a general "checking of progress" three days ago (Thursday, Dec. 23)and while everyone was busy cramming on the weekend of the 19th i decided to cobble together a website. well, i have to use the school's allotted webspace for every student sometime.

i have to go. there's an announcement posted up saying there will be no electricity school-wide from 1-6 p.m. today for some electrical maintenance. i don't want my computer to shut down improperly. yeah, i don't have a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

lastly, the [title="___"]tag was a new discovery for me 4 days ago when i was brushing up on my sooo non-existent html and css skillzzzz (fo' shizzle). anyway ever since i've discovered the title tag i've been going back to old posts like mad and titling photos and links. because i don't know why, on my computer Firefox doesn't display the "alt" tag on photos, it just does for the "title" tag and i can't stand inconsistency (if one is titled, all's got to be titled). laziness is my only obstacle. i wasn't able to finish titling my other "practice" website. good thing this page was just about 3 days old when i made the "title" discovery so i only had to go back and re-add that tag to a few things. i sound nuts i know. please, ignore this.
off to scare up some brunch.
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